Step by Step Guide to Create a Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria 2021

Step by Step Guide to Create a Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria 2021

PayPal is one of the largest and best online payment platforms in Nigeria and in the world at large. But to use the services offered by the online payment platform, you need to have a registered and verified account. If you don’t, the process to create one that actually works in Nigeria is very simple and fast.

This can be done both on the PC and mobile phone. Below, I am going to show you how to create an account on PayPal in Nigeria that sends, receives and withdraws money to your local bank.

That said, follow the instructions below to learn how to create a working PayPal in Nigeria. Please note that in this tutorial, we are going to show you to create a PayPal business Account.

Step by Step Guide to Create a Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria 2021

  • Open the browser of your choice (Preferably Chrome) and go to;
  • Click “Create account” in the upper right corner;
  • Select the PayPal business account and click “Next”;
  • Enter your valid personal details and business details then click the “Next” button;
  • Confirm your PayPal account from the mail sent by PayPal;
  • You can now sign in to your new PayPal account and start sending and receiving payments”.
  • For a detailed explanation and walk through on how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria, follow the steps listed below carefully.

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Open the browser and Go to

Now, open on your browser, change the URL to (Lesotho) or (UAE). Nigeria PayPal is limited, so you have to sign up using other Africa countries that have full access to PayPal.

Select PayPal Business Account

Choose the business account from the category to sign up for a Paypal business account. The reason you are signing up for a business account is because a business account gives you more access, such as creating invoices and requesting for payments. Please don’t select a personal account.

Enter valid personal information and credentials:

The next screen that opens will require you to enter your personal information, now take note of the following;

  • Name: Enter your first name and last name the exact way they appear on your valid ID card.
  • Business name: You can enter your name here again or if you have a registered business, you can input the name in this section;
  • Phone number: Click the country flag/country code then change it to Nigeria. Enter your Nigeria phone number. Don’t skip this step.
  • Postcode: Enter your postcode
  • Business Address: You can choose to use your residential address as your business address too.
  • Currency: Choose the currency you want to receive payment in. It is advisable to select US Dollars.
  • Now click on \”submit\”.

Confirm your PayPal account

PayPal will send an email with a link to confirm your Paypal account. Open the link and your PayPal account will be confirmed.

Sign in to your new PayPal account

Next, you can now sign in to your PayPal account and complete the remaining steps like giving additional information about your business and linking a card to your PayPal account.

Once you are done with the remaining steps, be rest assured that you now have a working PayPal account in Nigeria that can send, receive and withdraw money.

How to Reduce the Risk of limitation on your PayPal account (PayPal Best practices)

  • Always use the country link extension open your Paypal Account:,
  • Don’t use a VPN to login to your PayPal account
  • Don’t login to your PayPal account immediately you receive funds, you can check the amount you’ve received and the sender and all other necessary details from your mailbox
  • Get a dedicated browser for accessing your account; don’t always login to your PayPal account from a different browser
  • Don’t login to multiple PayPal account
  • Use UBA Visa AfriCard or any other Dollar Naira Visa Card for authentication and withdrawal purpose
  • And most importantly, do not partake in any fraudulent activities online. Stay legit always.
  • With this you will able to receive money from your online business, Freelancing e.t.c even while in Nigeria; until Paypal decides to incorporate the withdrawal feature for Nigerian Account holders.

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