Make Money On YouTube Without Making Your Own Videos

Make Money On YouTube Without Making Your Own Videos

YouTube is one platform that people are making cool millions each passing day. This platform gives you a chance to make money, as people watch the videos you post. And, people are making quite good money from this.

But do you have the knowledge that you don’t need to upload your own videos to make money on YouTube? You heard that now! While it’s illegal and unacceptable to use other people’s original work for your own gain due to copyright restrictions, there is also a legal avenue to go about this. It is called Creative Commons.

What Is Creative Common In YouTube

YouTube allows original video creators the option to permit the YouTube community, to use their videos without copyright issues. Original video creators can mark their videos with a Creative Commons License (CC BY), giving other users the permission to legally republish these videos, but with edits.

This means that you can create a YouTube channel without ever creating original videos and still make money.

In this article, we have given a detailed tutorial of the exact legal steps you need to follow, to make money on YouTube without making videos.

Follow these simple steps and you are on your way to making some good cash online.

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